Tuesday EQ Newsletter

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The Hack = A personality test you haven’t heard of   

The Content = 7 tidbits about the personality test you haven’t heard of

Why this matters (according to our mission) = 7MTF can be applied at networking events

What’s your personality?

If you take the Myers-Briggs, your personality has four letters and 16 combinations.

If you take the DISC, your personality is a mixture of four different letters and 16 combinations.

But if you take the 7MTF model, your personality is just one of seven. This means the 7MTF model is easy enough to actually use in real life!

In the video conversation I had with Chris mentions he can read people’s personality in under a minute!

On the iTunes podcast episode, Chris also mentions how the 7MTF model developed, how the model maps onto the Big 5 and much more.

If you’re curious to learn more about the 7MTF, check out these 7 facts I compiled about the model.

P.S. We’re having another networking event. My New Year’s Resolution is to do a networking event week for the rest of the year. I hope to see you there, especially for those I haven’t seen in a while!

See me talk about testing this stuff out on myself!


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