How to train your growth mindset to overcome tragedy with Jeff Cuenco (facebook live)

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The Hack = growth mindset training and inspiring story

The Content = facebook live with Jeff + your EQ challenge at the bottom of the post

Jeff’s story from debt-ridden uber driver to earning over 100K is one I’m sure you can personally relate to on some level. Jeff even lifted himself out of the ditches by using fairly ordinary self-help techniques that you have probably heard of before.

However it’s Jeff’s mistake filled entrepreneurial journey which you’ll learn the most from. See, Jeff set a huge vision for himself and life threw him to the ground with challenges and even betrayals. Yet with some basic attraction and gratitude techniques, along with an unstoppable will, Jeff’s “mistakes” turned out into the fuel of his massive life transition. He embodies what Carol Dweck calls the Growth Mindset.

Listen and learn:

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EQ Challenge

So now you know the power of mindset training.

Jeff went from down-on-his-luck uber driver to earning over 100k by leveraging his talents and never giving up.

The reason Jeff never gave up was because he kept focusing on his mindset.

You heard the man.

It’s time for you to step up to the plate as well.

Write down your focus to ingrain your focus in your body by leaving a quick comment.

You deserve the best.

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