The Subtle Power of Perception in a Massive Gender Divide with Dr. Shawn Andrews (podcast)

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The Hack = conversation how to increase gender equality while boosting profits

The Content = Youtube conversation with Dr. Andrews + challenge at the bottom

The hard part isn’t promotion or the idea of gender equality. No, the difficult part is actually having conversations which stir up emotions. In this podcast Dr. Shawn Andrews and I have a lovely, real and sometimes heated conversation about the power of perception.

In this podcast you will learn incredible information about the massively large gender divide and how companies can radically increase profits by promoting more women to leadership positions.

Dr. Shawn Andrews also elaborates on:

  • Why taking time off is crucial to your long-term success
  • The 3 causes of the leadership divide
  • Surprising information on the power of informal networks

I’ll be honest… sometimes the conversation gets a bit controversial … but as I learned from my good friend and ethical controversy master, Brit – sometimes controversy when done the right way is the key to having great dialogue. Enjoy!

Connect more with Dr. Andrews at and support her new book release “The Power of Perception” – one of first books in the world to incorporate multiple perspectives on the gender divide while detailing Emotional Intelligence strategies to approach equality (and increase profit).

EQ Challenge = I challenge you to have a conversation with somebody about the gender divide and like or comment on your story on our facebook page!

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