Santa Clara County Job Opportunity Workshop

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Santa Clara County Job Opportunity Workshop

Managers, lead programmers, aspiring senior developers, and team leaders …

You already do great technical work – that’s why you got the job!

But you don’t want to be stuck in the same position 10 years from now, watching less qualified people become your boss. You want to grow.

In order to reach your next level of career of career success you will need to create greater results for your business by managing other people more effectively.

Your technical skills got you to where you are, but they won’t get you to where you want to go.

You need to a better leader, visionary, and motivator so that you are able to create a clearer vision, motivate others, manage conflict, and inspire passion in your business relationships.

In fact, the link between having an increased Emotional Intelligent Quotient (EQ) is so strong that studies have consistently demonstrated a $1,300 annual increase in salary for every EQ point you increase!

Come to Hacker Dojo and experience firsthand a powerful Emotional Intelligence system proven to help professionals achieve profitable results by mastering the secrets of effective communication.

In this workshop we’re going to teach you the fastest ways you can increase your emotional intelligence and have you do applied exercises so that by the end of the workshop you gain real workplace skills to deliver results to your company.

At our last workshop, Samantha Y. said “Wow, I really see how the team saved $100,000. I definitely can see how both engineer and manager can improve their performance and position themselves through increased results to eventually get a promotion.”

Overall, this system takes into account the daily problems related to interviewing for a new position, working in an Agile environment, performance deadlines, dealing with difficult co-workers, communication challenges, and more.

Join us at Hacker Dojo in Santa Clara for an applied, interactive experience. We will be in the large room to your right. There is abundant parking, free high speed wifi and coffee.

Wifi password: z0ddrh

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