How to read someone’s personality is under 1 minute with Chris Golis

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Want to “read” someone in less than a minute? Chris Golis has a useful way reading people based on science. In this episode Chris reviews the 7MTF model of personality and shows how you can make a high probably estimate of a person’s personality in under 1 minute.

At first I was a little doubtful, but that was before I talked to Chris. Chris went over the history of personality testing and really helped me understand why most personality tests fail. First, most personality tests fail because they are too complex and second, most personality tests can’t be applied to real life.

Having a master’s degree in psychology and having been exposed to personality tests before, this new take on personality was incredibly refreshing. To this day I find myself thinking in terms of the 7MTF model and give Chris all the credit. If you want to connect with Chris and learn more about the 7MTF model, please visit:

P.S. I did another article personality and how I applied the 7MTF to my life. Watch me here.

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