How I could have avoided this …

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The Hack = Seek a different perspective by asking for other opinions

The Content = Pics of my damaged car + How I wish I handled the situation

How This Can Help You Earn More Money = You can avoid losing a ton of income by seeking a different perspective and prevent temper tantrums.¬†Losing your temper is the #1 way you’ll get fired.

The Story

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How Seeking Perspectives Helps

By seeking other perspectives you’ll avoid the trap of insufficient information.

In my case, I had insufficient information.

My expectations had formed around limited information and were unrealistic.

Basically I thought …

The repair should take 1 day and be a few hundred dollars.

When the repair went much longer, I thought the guy had perhaps stolen my car. At the very least I was certain I was being ripped off.

I didn’t have enough information to know …

What I Wish I Had Done Different

After I got my car back, I went to other autobody repair shops like Macco and some other local shops.

  • I received quotes 5-10x more expensive than the original price.
  • The repair time was just as long as original repair time.

This means that the repair should’ve taken a long time to begin with!

Had I known this information, my expectations would’ve been different.¬†Instead of thinking in terms of a 1 day repair, I would’ve thought in terms of a 3-4 day repair.

This would’ve prevented me from getting angry!

And I would’ve been much happier at the original guy’s price!

How Reality Changed

Before I thought some shady car dealer had been lazy and ripping me off.

Now I saw a normal guy doing his best, albeit he had some communication problems.

Before I was furious. I would’ve been happy (if I had sought multiple perspectives beforehand).

Instead of losing my cool and feeling like an idiot, I would’ve gotten a good deal and had my car back by now.

Now I have to go to another shop and pay more money, yikes!

Seeking Other Perspective Challenge:

I challenge you to seek other perspectives on an emotionally challenging situation.

Don’t say anything or vent or complain until you’ve sought expert help.

Don’t go to a friend who will justify your opinion.

Go seek an outside opinion.

For me this would have needed to occur BEFORE I took my car to the dealer. So the lesson is … don’t wait until it’s too late!

Seek an outside opinion and get a new perspective on a challenging situation so you can act with more emotional intelligence!

Let me know how it goes:

How did seeking another perspective work for you?



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