HackEQ Newsletter 1/20-1/27

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You know it’s a fact you have to go to the gym to stay in shape?


Okay, what about exercising 5x a week for 60 minutes? Is that necessary?


On this week’s podcast Laura Putnam, Wellness Thought Leader, destroys these misconceptions. It turns out you only need a few minutes per hour to move your body and this time spent not working actually will increase your net productivity at work.

Think about it … just a few minutes per hour and you can keep your health and boost your productivity … You can even watch Laura explain these concepts here.


The biggest lie people tell themselves is that they don’t have enough time.

But NOW you know better.

And I know what you’re thinking …

“Where’s the research?”

I’ll admit after hearing Laura on the podcast I was curious too.

So I researched some scientific review articles and condensed what I found in this video.

Here’s what I found:

Microbreaks are useful, especially so when you combine them with socializing.

So take a break this Thursday … RSVP today.

HackEQ is hosting another networking event this Thursday at 7:30pm. Last week was super fun and we look forward to seeing you there!!

Obviously the theme is taking a break from work!

Jared, Nick and Paul

P.S. If anyone wants to film or take pictures of us at the event, let me know. We need to start capturing these good moments on film!

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