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Jeff’s story from debt-ridden uber driver to earning over 100K is one I’m sure you can personally relate to on some level. Jeff even lifted himself out of the ditches by using fairly ordinary self-help techniques that you have probably heard of before.

However it’s Jeff’s mistake filled entrepreneurial journey which you’ll learn the most from. See, Jeff set a huge vision for himself and life threw him to the ground with challenges and even betrayals. Yet with some basic attraction and gratitude techniques, along with an unstoppable will, Jeff’s “mistakes” turned out into the fuel of his massive life transition. He embodies what Carol Dweck calls the Growth Mindset.

Listen and learn:

  • The simple and incredibly power Gratitude Focusing technique
  • How Jeff was betrayed, fell into debt, and how to avoid a similar mistake
  • The #1 life lesson Jeff would recommend to all entrepreneurs

Jeff’s Story

Hearing Jeff talk about his journey of up’s and down’s was incredible!

You can imagine so many other people getting stuck in their bad luck and giving up on their dreams.

I mean, can you imagine if someone gave you a loan that turned out to be bad and everything went to hell, including your relationship with your significant other?

That’d send many people into a disastrous tailspin they might not recover from!

Jeff says he was spending hundreds of dollars each month on supplements and then after disaster struck he was all of a sudden eating at McDonalds…

Not only that but Jeff gained around 50 lbs. So his entire life and his entire image and dreams were upended.

Yet Jeff, not only recovered, he thrived. You know how he was forced into driving Uber but ultimately made his comeback to earn over 100K per year.

How did Jeff do it? How did Jeff go from Uber to 100K?

Well, in a nutshell, Jeff has what you and me both need to cultivate more of:

A determined mindset!

That’s right, we need absolute determination of mindset. We need to be utterly focused on the type of person we want to become and walking the path to get there.

Jeff’s Mindset

Listen to Jeff speak about the Universal Laws which he applied to his life. The video below will start right at the right spot.

Jeff said one particular thing which really stood out to me:

Even if things are going to shit, I still remember I love myself Click To Tweet

Now there were a few things Jeff did which you can too. You can watch the video above or follow these steps:

  1. Focus on gratitude (or some other intention): Jeff would focus on gratitude.
  2. Keep Focusing: Jeff would focus on gratitude for the entire day. Jeff would repeatedly bring himself back to gratitude focus and concentration, for 24 hours a day.
  3. Focus Until You Feel It In Your Heart: Jeff would keep focusing until he felt it in his heart.

Jeff’s Entrepreneurial Life Lessons

There’s one key mindset shift which Jeff contributes to his turnaround. Listen to him below:

Now listen here, because Jeff states an important thing:

Jeff says he realized his “dominant personality.

Jeff realized that he loved to motivated, inspire, and share stories.

And in my opinion, the most important thing Jeff learned was what he didn’t like.

See, Jeff experienced life.

Jeff tried network marketing, he tried sales, and tried working for the defense industry.

But none of these things fulfilled him.

I’m sure you know of someone who knows what they want out of life, but they get distracted. This person wants so many things! I know I was the same way …

It took me working with autistic kids, working as a yoga community manager, and working as a personal trainer to really start honing in on my niche.

Jeff and I both experienced things we didn’t like in order to discover what we enjoyed.

You need to do the same, if you haven’t already.

An Investor’s Mindset

Here’s what Jeff discovered.

By going through shit you become resourceful. Click To Tweet

Jeff realized he wasn’t thinking like an investor would. Jeff started asking “How do investors become investors? How do rich people become rich?


  • capitalize on what working
  • leverage their experience to create disproportionate rewards
  • utilize their strengths

When Jeff hit rock bottom, Jeff lost any sort of illusions. He realized who he was and how to move forward.

In particular, Jeff realized he was sitting on a goldmine.

Jeff had all this experience in college, in engineering, and previous work experiences.

But Jeff wasn’t leveraging and packaging his experiences.

Once Jeff realized this mistake; he quickly turned things around.

Jeff was able to apply himself to a unique position which required a combination of business and engineering experience.

Before Jeff was trying to do 100% business or 100% engineering.

Yet that didn’t work out so well…

The Key Switch

Here’s what Jeff realized.

Jeff said “I chose this path, I could be barely living and slowly dying, and I made a decision that I wanted to pursue more and I made a calculated risk … and the calculated risk backfired … and the lesson I got was … to build a business in a way that doesn’t sacrifice my lifestyle or my basic needs.

Before Jeff was sacrificing his basic needs.

This caught up to him.

When Jeff was trying to build his business, he was sacrificing everything.

I’m sure a team leader devoted to your company or as a start-up entrepreneur, you can relate.

But that didn’t work for Jeff.

Jeff realized that getting a job that was secure, fun and which paid handsomely was the key.

This would enable Jeff to build his assets on the side, rather than having to build his assets now and being desperate to do so.

And now, Jeff is a highly paid manager who is loving his job! Listen to how Jeff landed his dream job:

Managerial Tips

Since our HackEQ brand focuses on helping leaders develop their teams potential, I wanted to ask Jeff how he handled some important communication issues.

One issue: product to market fit miscommunications.

It’s typical for a design team composed of engineers to miscommunicate with the sales and marketing team.

How does Jeff handle these situations?

By straightforward honest.

Jeff dives in.

He says “when you said that, what did you mean by that?”

Jeff constantly clarifies what people mean by what they say, and dives deeper.

And most importantly, Jeff creates a culture of openness and transparency.


Connect with Jeff

Instagram: professionalgallivanter

Facebook: The Professional Gallivanter

LinkedIN: Jeffrey Cuenco

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