How to train your growth mindset to overcome tragedy with Jeff Cuenco (podcast)

Jeff’s story from debt-ridden uber driver to earning over 100K is one I’m sure you can personally relate to on some level. Jeff even lifted himself out of the ditches by using fairly ordinary self-help techniques that you have probably heard of before.

However it’s Jeff’s mistake filled entrepreneurial journey which you’ll learn the most from. See, Jeff set a huge vision for himself and life threw him to the ground with challenges and even betrayals. Yet with some basic attraction and gratitude techniques, along with an unstoppable will, Jeff’s “mistakes” turned out into the fuel of his massive life transition. He embodies what Carol Dweck calls the Growth Mindset.

How To Make Controversial Posts Ethical And Get Dozens Of Comments (podcast)

In this digital age there is a phrase “Engagement is King” because you can produce great content, but if nobody is listening then it really doesn’t matter. While marketers, small business owners, and brands respect the power of engagement, many are stuck wishing they could get hundreds of comments on their posts.

Unfortunately, many people and large companies resort to using controversy to get attention. Yet they do so unethically and this often makes people ignored and angry.

In this podcast Brit shares how he uses “ethical controversy” to get hundreds of comments on his Facebook posts. I strongly feel this is far different from your typical controversy and even would go so far as to say you have an obligation as a thought leader, influencer or brand to use this strategy at some point.

Some specific tactics you’ll learn in this resource include:

– How you can back down without appearing weak and gain more followers at the same time
– How to take a stand by carefully weighing your options
– How do deal with internet trolls and make them your friends

How to read someone’s personality is under 1 minute with Chris Golis

Yea, I was skeptical too. Reading someone’s personality in under a minute? I doubt it.
But then I talked with Chris. Chris backed up his claim with some solid data and told some cool stories.
He’s an old guy … been through the up’s and down’s of business … and talks extensively about his passion, the 7MTF model.
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How to amazingly boost your daily net productivity and wellbeing

Want to laugh and learn how you can increase your health and productivity at the same time? The key is to manage your energy instead of being totally focused on your time. In this podcast episode you’ll learn learn managerial health principles from wellness thought leader Laura Putnam and discover how health can benefit you NOW.

Master Your Unique Combination of Ambition + Mindfulness with Patrick Buggy

Background We don’t usually associate ambition with mindfulness. Generally mindfulness is thought of as inner peace, nature, yoga and meditation. It’s almost heresy to pair mindfulness and ambition together, yet that’s exactly what Patrick has done. Patrick Buggy at believes mindfulness and ambition go hand in hand in fuel each other. He believes mindfulness
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Podcast: Spontaneous Coaching Moment and The Practice of Awakening with Paul Hoyt

Description: ​In a bizarre moment our Skype call is interrupted by a ringing phone. However, minutes beforehand we had discussed how to handle annoying phone call without getting upset! This was a huge test of my patience. I end up getting frustrated and laughing at the same time. It turns out handling your reactions to
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