How to build trust in the workplace with RJ Tolosa (video)

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The Hack = steps to being genuine

The Content = podcast interview with RJ

How relates to Business Relationship Mastery? You might have good intentions but still not come across as a warm hearted person. If so, this episode is perfect for you.


From working at Starbucks to running his own business, RJ is a family man who is always on the lookout to add value. What’s remarkable about RJ is how he continually focuses on adding value and now has accomplished 3 remarkable achievements:

1. Helping People
2. Making good income
3. Be happy at the end of the day

RJ is a fantastic man, and is great at establishing relationships and even lists activities you can do to build yours. You can use the link below to contact RJ on his LinkedIn profile or Instagram@rj.t.wfg

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