RJ Newsletter 2/10/2018

From Starbucks barista to business owner, RJ’s story is incredible! See RJ doesn’t come from a privileged background. He had to work for everything he got. If you’re in a similar boat, listen: In this podcast episode, RJ details how he created financial opportunities through friendliness! RJ describes precisely how you can generate warmth and
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How I could have avoided this …

Here are some pics of my half-repaired car … and some life lessons you can use.

Learn from my example … seek other perspectives before you make a rash judgment!

Also … try the “seeking other perspective challenge” and let me know how it goes


How to build trust in the workplace with RJ Tolosa (video)

From working at Starbucks to running his own business, RJ is a family man who is always on the lookout to add value. What’s remarkable about RJ is how he continually focuses on adding value and now has accomplished 3 remarkable achievements:

1. Helping People
2. Making good income
3. Be happy at the end of the day

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