The best pain free reason you should consider 2 minute microbreaks

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EQ Abstract:

  1. Taking micro-breaks at work is good under certain circumstances
  2. The evidence suggests micro-breaks are most beneficial when combined with socializing

EQ Content:

  1. A video review of 3 empirical articles about workplace stress, breaks and performance
  2. A personal video of application of taking 2 minute breaks

Scientific Review Video (8.5 Mins)

Personal Application (3.5 Mins)

Benefits of 2 Minute Microbreak

Let’s be clear: microbreaks work.

You win when you combine microbreaks with friendship building, social networking (however brief), and some type of movement, even if you just walk to the break room.

Now even if you just get up ever 60 minutes and stretch, here’s how you’ll benefit:

  • Less chance of occupational therapy!
  • No need for a modified standing workstation
  • You can even put away your window break tool
  • No need for a posture reminder app
  • Hell, you might even be able to say “bye bye” to neck pain


So yes … if you are diligent about taking breaks and only want to maintain the bare minimum for health, you can utilize 2 minute breaks instead of going to the gym

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