About HackEQ

What's your primary Unique Selling Point? Why should I bother to engage with you instead of your other competitors?

Our first USP is you taking Emotionally Intelligent ActionThink of the phrase "work smarter, not harder".

For example, at one of our networking events we handed out flyers which gave instructions for people to ask "Who are you looking to connect with?" or "What are your 3 month goals?" instead of the boring and ineffective "What do you do?"

This helped people form real connections in less time.

We also create content to facilitate you taking Emotionally Intelligent Action. On the podcast, we interview experts, speakers and icons for the best actionable strategies. Then on the blog we then model the wisdom learned on the podcast by applying the actionable advice in our own lives and recording the results for you to see in our videos and articles.

Why do you do it? Do you love it, or some other reason?

Years ago, Jared and Paul both had EQ problems which caused them shame and embarrassment.

Jared was socially awkward, smoked pot everyday and obsessively played to manage his anxiety and depression and ended up living as a Zen Buddhist Monk for 13 months because he felt like his life no life purpose. Paul had anger problems and considered himself an "asshole". He had a huge temper and fearfulness about him. 

By taking Emotionally Intelligent Action, both Jared and Paul were able to overcome their challenges and after tons of training, testimonials, certifications, and books they now feel ready to give back and want to make a living doing what they love.

Please listen to our podcast interview where we deep dive into our stories and give clear specific directions for you to take Emotionally Intelligent Actions. 

What types of people actually listen to you? What kind of people need or want what you have to offer?

Our audience is composed from people of all walks of live, although we seem to attract especially high percentage of managers, scientists, data professionals, engineers, and recruiters.

Our clients want a better job or have a bigger impact and believe they can take Emotionally Intelligent Action to get a pay raise, job acceptance letter or desired project. 

What results should people expect? How do you really create life change in people?

As part of our audience, you are welcome to enjoy the information on the blog, podcast or our networking events. However, for the information on the blog and podcast to be truly life changing you will need to harness the power of relationships. This is the way of Emotional Intelligence.

So we welcome you to join our private facebook group, forum or group coaching experience.

Before you join, please expect Emotionally Intelligent best practices for groups. This means getting a warm welcome from us and also setting clear expectations. To be clear: we expect you to post something you'd like to work on and what you hope to get out of the group. Bonus points if you post something personal too, like hobbies or smiles faces :)

As a client, on the career side this means we guarantee significant and tangible progress regarding a promotion, job acceptance letter, desired project, etc or 100% of your money back. On the personal side, this means we guarantee higher energy, less stress and better relationships or 100% of your money back.