7 Facts about the 7MTF model

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The Hack = the 7MTF gives you an uncanny knack at guessing peoples’ personalities and motivations

The How = 1) learn the 7 personalities and motivations of the 7MTF (10 minutes)
2) learn the signs of the 7 personalities (10 minutes)
3) apply in your next conversation (1 minute)       

The Content = 7 interesting facts about the 7MTF with links to resources to learn more.

7MTF interesting facts

  1. Chris Golis: The founder of the 7MTF model. Chris used his knowledge of the 7MTF to have succesfful careers in technology sales, larger scale corporate manager and venture capitalist.
  2. The best 7MTF paper on the internet (free) Learn the history of personality testing, the development of the 7MTF, and what is wrong with the Myers-Briggs and DISC.
  3. The 7MTF model of human behavior maps on the Big 5 Personality traits. However, key differences become clear as business students and psychology students score similarly on the Big 5 Traits, but different in the extra two 7MTF traits.
  4. I actually applied the 7MTF to my life and made a video about it. You can watch me ramble more here.
  5. Your short term memory is 7 units. This is one key reason why I like the 7MTF model. Other models have too many variations (INFJ, INPJ, ITFJ, etc)
  6. The best 7MTF slide deck and powerpoint presentation on the internet for managers, free
  7. Chris Golis on LinkedIn

P.S. If you want to watch the video where I interview Chris about the 7MTF, click here.



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